The Story

  Growing up I would watch my mom make handmade soap and always found it interesting, but that was about it. I was always a body wash girl. I never liked the way my skin felt after using bar soap. I couldn't wait to moisturize!  As I got older, I realized the unique situation presented with making your own can customize it any way you want! Depending on different skin conditions and types we were able to research the benefits of creating one of a kind bars. This captured my attention and it wasn't long before I was learning everything I could from her.Since then, I've experimented with many unique, local ingredients and found so many to be amazingly nourishing for our skin. I love the idea of creating a purposeful bar out of natural ingredients surrounding us. Some of our most popular bars are made with oranges and avocados from the groves in Redlands, apples from Oak Glen, locally brewed craft beer, produce grown locally, fresh goats milk from my parents farm and, of course, local wildflower honey. 

We hope you enjoy using our natural skincare as much as we love making it.